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Retail Links

The following links are to retailers and e-tailers that have been found to give excellent service. Unfortunately, due to the 'treasure island' syndrome, there are few UK based retailers that qualify. If you know of any UK retailers selling products at a fair exchange rate, go ahead and tell me!


I have been dealing with Maplin Electronics Ltd since the 1970s since which time they have grown from strength to strength and are now to be found in most UK cities as well as continuing to offer an excellent mail order service. Ignore the brash front page, they do sell components and connectors etc if you take the time to look.

Radios and Accessories:

I don't often buy radios, especially not in UK where the prices exceed £1-$1 which is just not acceptable. I bought my last radio at Ham Radio Outlet in Atlanta where the price was good even by US standards. The store staff were knowledgeable and very friendly, if more than a little amused by the fact that I had walked to the store!

I particularly recommend the filter company International Radio who supply replacement and additional filters for well known HF radios. Their filters are excellent, which is a great start, but their customer service is outstanding which makes them a very useful bookmark.

Computers and Accessories:

I can certainly recommend two US based companies for their innovative products and good customer service. These are Griffin Technology, makers of various useful and well-made accessories for Mac computers and iPods, and Other World Computing who supply a useful range of Mac products and accessories such as FireWire hard disk drives and iPod batteries with extended capacity. Both are happy to supply to UK.

I have recently bought a high-power iPod battery which is superb and I have also ordered a replacement high capacity battery for my PowerBook G4 from Other World Computing and I am extremely impressed by their high standards of service:-) They also sell a wide range of processor, memory and disk upgrades for macs that can extend the life of your machine considerably without the hassle of replacing the machine itself.


  Page updated on June 19, 2006