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Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria

International Dialling Code: +213

ISO 3166 Code:     DZ or DZA

ISO 3166 Number: 012

IANA Internet Domain Suffix: .dz

International Civil Aircraft Marking: 7T

UN Vehicle Marking: DZ

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Algeria National Map

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ITU/IARU Region:  1

ITU Zone: 37

ITU Callsign Allocation: 7RA - 7RZ, 7TA - 7YZ

CQ Zone: 33

Administrative Body: Ministère de la Poste et des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication

Address tbc

National Society: Amateurs Radio Algeriens

Boite postale numero 1

Alger gare


Callsigns are currently being allocated in the range 7X

Licensing and reciprocal licencing process, including contact information is available tba

Authorised frequency bands

Reciprocal Licensing: tba

Repeater and beacon information tba

  Page updated on January 6, 2006