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Republic of Albania

International Dialling Code: +355

ISO 3166 Code:     AL or ALB

ISO 3166 Number: 008

IANA Internet Domain Suffix: .al

International Civil Aircraft Marking: ZA

UN Vehicle Marking: AL

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Albanian National Map

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ITU/IARU Region:  1

ITU Zone: 28

ITU Callsign Allocation: ZAA - ZAZ

CQ Zone: 15

Administrative Body: Telecommunications Regulatory Entity (ERT)

Telecommunications Regulatory Entity

Reshit Collaku Street 43



Tel: +355 42 32131

Fax: +355 42 32954

E-Mail: info@ert.gov.al

National Society: Albanian Amateur Radio Association

P.O.Box 1501

Tel: +355 42 64738 (ZA1B)
Fax: +355 42 64738 (ZA1B)
E-Mail: genimema@hotmail.com

Callsigns are currently being allocated in the range: tba

Licensing and reciprocal licencing process, including contact information is available here

Licence conditions are available from: tba

Albania is a signatory to CEPT T/R 61-01 and, as such, CEPT licence holders are permitted to operate during a temporary stay in Albania under the CEPT T/R 61-01 guidelines.

Reciprocal Licensing: tba

Repeater and beacon information: tbc

  Page updated on January 5, 2006