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Afghanistan Flag  

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

International Dialling Code: +93

ISO 3166 Code:     AF or AFG

ISO 3166 Number: 004

IANA Internet Domain Suffix: .af

International Civil Aircraft Marking: YA

UN Vehicle Marking: AFG

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Afghanistan National Map

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ITU/IARU Region:  3

ITU Zone: 40

ITU Callsign Allocation: T6A - T6Z, YAA - YAZ

CQ Zone: 21

Administrative Body: Ministry of Communications - Amateur Radio had been banned in Afghanistan since 1973 until recently but licences are now being issued.  For more details contact

Ministry of Communications

Spectrum Management Department

Mohammad Jan Khan Watt Avenue



National Society: none at present (12/05)

Callsigns are currently being allocated in the range T6A - T6Z

Licensing and reciprocal licencing process, including contact information is available here

Licence conditions are available from the Spectrum Management Department at the MoC.  It is understood that currently only HF bands are available for use by Radio Amateurs in Afghanistan and it is presumed that these follow the IARU Region 3 Band Plan

Reciprocal Licensing: Visitors must take an official letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan to the MoC in order to obtain an operating permit.

Repeater and beacon information is also available from the Spectrum Management Department at the MoC

  Page updated on December 21, 2005