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This is the web site of Amateur Radio Station G8OGJ whose licensee is Ian Beeby.

This web site is intended to provide a collection of useful articles and links for and to the world of Amateur Radio.  It is hoped that eventually the site will contain some technical and design information to support other enthusiasts elsewhere in the world and by so doing encourage experimentation in this interesting and challenging hobby.

First licenced in 1977, Ian Beeby, with callsign G8OGJ specialised in VHF, UHF and microwave until 2004 when HF operation started to be of interest. This site primarily reflects the long-standing interest in microwaves and contest operating.

UPDATES: Resources section updated to include installation of FT-817 Commander under wine and use of serial ports under wine - 23rd November 2013.




Amateur Radio is a broad hobby offering interest for young and old to design, build and operate their own radio transmitting equipment, test equipment and antennas.

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